The presence of a sofa bed in a room means extra sleeping space. Few furniture items can provide the flexibility and versatility that a sofa bed gives. That you can use a sofa bed in the living room or bedroom makes it all the more important to have in the house. Sofa beds are readily available in London, UK and come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. At the core of it though, the sofa bed acts as a seat and when fully opened up, becomes a bed.

Sofa beds are available in twin size, full size and queen size. The twin size is the smallest sofa bed of them all and is designed to accommodate one person. The full size sofa bed is larger than a twin size and provides comfortable cushioning for regular use. Two adults can also squeeze on it though it won't feel very comfortable. The queen size is the perfect sofa bed for two adults. Offering plenty of space and room for shifting, it allows each sleeping partner to actually enjoy some personal space and turn without disturbing the other party.

When picking a sofa bed, consider how much space you can spare for the sofa. If your room is very small, choose a twin size sofa bed, which measures about 54" wide by 89" long. For an average sized room, a medium sofa bed is ideal. Use a large queen size sofa bed in a spacious room so that it fills out the space and you enjoy the comfort a bigger sofa bed offers.

Choosing the perfect sofa bed is not a difficult task now as there are several renowned brands and stores in London, that offer you stylish selections of sofa beds in a variety of styles, shapes, colours. Their sofa beds are elegantly designed and exceptionally made by expert craftsmen. Visit the nearest stores or browse their selections online.

Sofa Beds

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Futon Company Sofa Beds

Whether you are looking for single or double sofa bed in London, look no further than Futon Company as they sell everything for your sitting, guest and spare room including a wide range of beds, sofa beds, storage furniture, etc. Their sofa ...

Natuzzi Sofa Beds

Natuzzi Italia offers comfort and versatility for sofa beds that provide the elegance and the unique style of the Italian company. Their London based showroom is filled with a unique selection of sofa beds that are the best blend of style, ...

Fishpools Sofa Beds

If you are not having a spare bedroom for guests, friends or family members, never fear, a sofa bed will solve all your issues. Fishpools is offering you an extensive selection of sofa beds to choose from. They want you to be prepared for a ...

Utility Design Sofa Beds

The ultimate in versatile seating solutions a sofa bed is perfect for where space is limited, rooms have to be multi purpose or for those occasional overnight guest who you don't want to confine to a single sofa, floor or inflateable bed. U ...

IKEA Sofa Beds

Shop the best corner sofa beds that can accommodate the size and shape of your room, no matter how big or how small your space is, at Ikea. It is one of the London's renowned furniture stores where you will find a vast range of sofa beds in ...

Leatherland Sofa Beds

Leatherland is your premier source for getting stylish and elegantly designed sofa beds for your living areas in London. They offer you a great variety of sofa beds in varied and vast colours, shapes and designs to help you choose your desi ...

David Phillips Sofa Beds

There are many reliable and well-known furniture retailers in London that provide you the best selections of sofa beds in endless options to choose from and one of them is David Phillips. Their sofa beds are specifically designed for a comf ...

4FF Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is a perfect solution if you have small space or when you have guests. If you are seeking for high quality sofa bed in London, 4 Front Furniture is your one-stop-shop. They offer you an exquisite range of sofa beds, specifically ...

Espacio Sofa Beds

When it comes to the shopping of modern designs in sofa beds, the name of Espacio is always at the top of all in London. It is a contemporary furniture showroom that is filled with a huge variety of furniture pieces including sofa beds. Its ...

Bonbon Sofa Beds

One-stop-shop in London renowned for offering high quality sofa beds and wall beds to fit your specific needs as well as your space is one and only Bonbon. They are well-known for their smart solutions for better living, immediate delivery ...

Raft Sofa Beds

If you want to have a stylish sofa bed for your living room that expresses your unique sense of style, look no further than Raft Furniture as they offer you the best space saving solutions. Roomy or compact, their sofas and made with your c ...

Homebase Sofa Beds

Whether you want to choose a stylish futon or a sumptuous corner sofa bed at competitive price in London, simply visit Homebase and check out their amazing collections. They offer you versatile and beautiful sofa beds in endless options, so ...

The Bolton Sofa Bed Company

Looking for a bespoke sofa bed that combines tradition with urban chic? Your all desires can be fulfilled by visiting The Bolton Sofa Bed Company based in London. They offer you a huge variety of stylish sofa beds in contemporary and tradit ...

M&S Sofa Beds

Sofa bed is highly in demand as you can covert it into a perfect bed at night. M&S is your perfect choice in London if you are planning to shop elegant and stylish sofa bed for your living area. Their sofa beds come in a wide range of fabri ...

Habitat Sofa Beds

Enhance the look of your living space with trendy and stylish sofa beds offered by one of the London’s leading furniture stores, Habitat. Their collection of sofa beds offers versatility in the living room. The beautiful range includes c ...